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The Modern Mystery School carries on an ancient lineage from King Salomon dating back more than 3,000 years.
This ancient lineage has been unbroken and unchanged , revealed to only the wisest  and exceptional individuals throughout history.
The teachings can be traced back to King Salomon himself. 
The Modern Mystery school’s tradition is to share knowledge from teacher to student, by the process of initiation into the light. This knowledge is available to anyone who seeks the light and honours the sacred path of the initiate.

3rd orders

Currently, the Modern Mystery School has main key holders; a tradition in safekeeping an ancient lineage.
These main key holders keep the door of the mystery school open for individuals who wish to serve and seek the light.



Founder of the Modern Mystery School

Ipsissimus Gudni Gudnason is the Founder of the Modern Mystery School as we know it today; it was he who brought our sacred and ancient lineage out of secrecy in 1997, authorised at last to bring the ultimate truth to a world that was finally ready to receive it! To honour this great gift to the world, he is called Founder, although the lineage he brought to the world is thousands of years old and has been unchanged in all that time.
Gudni Gudnason has travelled the globe, learning from all peoples and inspiring untold thousands to awaken Peace and Light within themselves, and open themselves up to the possibility of World Peace in our time.


Ipsissimus Hideto REI Nakagome has been a vital force for the growth of the Modern Mystery School ever since he joined the lineage at the turning of the millennium. Right away, he saw the importance of the Modern Mystery School’s mission for World Peace, and dedicated himself to supporting this mission however he could.He has worked passionately to advance the school and its message of peace ever since.



Ipsissimus Dave “THOR” Lanyon has been a powerful driving force behind the utterly incredible growth of the Modern Mystery School since he joined the lineage in 2004. As a result of his hard work and dedication, the Modern Mystery School has spread its wings, spreading from a span of just 12 countries to 55! Ipsissimus Dave brings a huge range of talents and abilities to the Modern Mystery School, and aims them all at the noble goal of achieving World Peace in our time.


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