school.jpgBased on my own experience serving as spiritual healer, psychic healer, channeler, counseler, life advisor, various spiritual program teacher, for more than 10 years, in all over Japan, in North America, Europe, to Africa, I now support people who wish to start serving as healer therapist, counseler, and people who are serving as healer or therapist and wishing to expand their service.

For people who chose path to serve humanity, to help and support people to live their lives happier and with joy, I here serve and support you so that you could build up your skill as healer and therapist, and I support your spiritual business side, too.

We are now entering into the new exciting moment of history on this planet, to create new better world.
The process of creation of the better world starts from each one of us, living who we are with our uniqueness and divine beauty within.

Let's take action of service, support and help people, so that they can remember who they are, become able to live their lives with their own divinity awaken, expressing their own beauty, with happiness and joy.

Let's take action and serve people, so that we can create better world.

Reiki Healing Seminar
Ensofic Ray Healing Seminar
Chakra Healing Seminar
Crystal Healing Seminar
Upgrading skills classes
Supiritual Business Support